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SPAL/SPLF Low Pressure Switch

SPAL/SPLF Low Pressure Switch

SPAL / SPFL / SPFLH - Pressure Switch for Automotive Applications

This switch is commonly used in the automotive industry, available in single pole double throw circuitry. It features a polymide diaphragm with an adjustable differential option.

  • Pressure Adjustment Range: 0.5 - 400 psi
  • Maximum Over pressure: 500 psi
  • Switch Type: Blade Contact
  • Electrical:



A simple and common pressure switch utilizing a polyimide diaphragm for extended duty applications. It is used in many automotive applications for monitoring of engine functions and auxiliary devices.  



• Gold plated silver alloy contacts

• High current ratings

• Works well in extreme temperatures

• Very economical



• Oil pressure switch

• Fuel pressure switch

• Exhaust pressure switch

• Air brake switch