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SMA/SMF High Pressure Switch

SMA/SMF High Pressure Switch

 A high pressure switch suitable for many hydraulic applications. Its compact size and rugged design allow it to withstand high overpressure without compromising the set point.

  • Pressure Adjustment Range: 10 - 5000 psi
  • Maximum Overpressure: 9000 psi
  • Switch Type: Micro switch
  • Electrical: 5A, 10 A



The SMA pressure switch is ideal for many hydraulic and pneumatic applications. It utilizes a proven piston/ diaphragm design to provide excellent accuracy and high proof pressures with zero leakage. Any flying leads are available with IP67 rating “CA” & “CS” option, making it an exceptional product for outdoor environments.



• Snap action micro switch

• Factory set or field adjustable

• Diaphragm/piston design for longevity

• Wide adjustment range

• High proof pressures



• Hydraulic system control

• Material handling equipment

• Lubrication systems

• Garbage compactors