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Sensors / Vacuum Switches / Sensors / SPVL / SPVF - Vacuum Switch
SPVL / SPVF - Vacuum Switch

SPVL / SPVF - Vacuum Switch

This switch is commonly used in the automotive industry, available in single pole single throw circuitry. It features a fluorosilicone diaphragm and solid plated contacts.

  • Differential Adjustment Range: 1.1 - 22 in Hg
  • Maximum operating vacuum: 30 inHg
  • Switch Type: Blade Contact
  • Electrical: 100 VA, 24 VDC



This compact, simple vacuum switch is suitable for many applications. It is designed for easy installation and quick access to the set point. It is available in factory set or adjustable ranges.



• Gold plated silver alloy contacts

• High current ratings

• Works well with extreme temperature

• Economical



• Vacuum generators

• Industrial automation

• Engine load monitoring