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Gear Pumps/Flow Dividers / Gear Pumps/Flow Dividers / AP-10 SAEAA


• AP-10 is a high pressure gear pump with cast iron end caps and an aluminum housing.

• Standard mounting flange is SAE AA-2 bolt.

• Standard ports are SAE-8 inlet and SAE-6 outlet.

• Standard drive shaft is 1/2” straight shaft with 1/8” key.

• All aluminum construction is available.


Technical Data 

• Filtration: 25 micron or better 

• Oil Viscosity: 6 to 200 cSt

• Inlet Pressure: 12 to 32 psi absolute

• Temperature: Oil: -25ºC to 80ºC / -12ºF to 175ºF

               Ambient: -22ºC to 55ºC / -8ºF to 130ºF

• Port Sizes: Inlet: SAE-8 (3/4"-16 UNF) 

                 Outlet: SAE-6 (9/16"-18 UNF)