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Tank Breathers

Tank Breathers

Oil filter and breather plugs. Air flow rates from 150 to 2500 l/min


The complete series of oil filter and breather filler caps makes it possible to meet all market demands. Metal and plastic styles suitable for use on mobile equipment are available. Filler caps perform a dual function, air filtration at the tank inlet and prefiltration of the fluid by means of the basket, in order to prevent the ingress of foreign material into the tank during filling and top-up operations. Correct operation of breather filters makes for longer life of the filter cartridges installed in the hydraulic circuit, and in applications where high level of contamination are present.



• from -25°C to +100°C



• NBR seals and Cork Gasket, compatible with: Mineral oils to ISO 2943 - aqueous emulsions Synthetic fluids, glycol water.

• FPM seals, compatible with: Synthetic fluids type HS-HFDR-HFDS-HFDU.